How Do I Deal With The Kaspersky Firewall?

Kaspersky antivirus is one of the most robust antivirus applications to date. That being said, one might consider it a bit overprotective towards your operating system. The firewall that this antiviral tool comes packaged with is indeed very intricate and safe. For trusted functions, this Kaspersky firewall works absolutely beautifully, but when it comes to applications that your operating system might judge to be a little less trustworthy, there is not much room for optimal functionality. These circumstances dictate that you change some of the KIS rules in order to make sure that some of your gaming apps won’t be interrupted, or if the situation calls for it, turn off the wall.

Kaspersky Support Australia Believes That Disabling The Antivirus Firewall Is Not Completely Detrimental

The thought of shutting down the protective wall might rub some users the wrong way, but just know this, you have other options. For these very reasons shutting down the Firewall is only one of the options, not the final one. With that in mind, you can alter the rules or better yet, use the windows variant of the utility. Whatever the solution may choose the realistic thing to consider there is disabling the rule wall is not completely damaging to the system.

Let Us Now Look Into These Different Methods

  • Turn Off The Firewall: Remember this; you are just turning the utility off and not getting rid of it. To turn of the protective tool.
  • Open Kaspersky Internet Security installation.
  • Select and click on the “Settings” option
  • Navigate to the side-tab and click on “Protection Centre”
  • Select “firewall”
  • Using the slider, turn the utility off
  • Rule Configuration: it is evident to the versatility of the Kaspersky that allows you to customize its rules. To modify the protection protocols:
  • Go to Kaspersky Protection Centre
  • Click on the “firewall” option.
  • On the side-bar, select the tab that says “Configure the application rules”.
  • The antivirus application would provide you with the list of application that you can alter the rules for.
  • Right-click on apps you want to alter the rules for.
  • From the pop-up menu, select “Details and rules”.
  • In the resultant window, click on the “Add” option situated below the “Network Rules” tab.
  • Select “Allow” -> Add -> save.
  • Use The Window’s Variant: While it is commendable to alter the rules, the first method would suit you better if you happen to be a layman. That being said, you can’t leave your system unprotected. To that end, you can use the Windows default Firewall application. To turn it on:
  • Type in ‘Firewall’ in your start search bar.
  • Once you have opened the application, navigate through its options and select the ‘Turn on the Windows firewall’.

While trusted apps can easily go though without the intermittent obstacle, making the modifications mentioned in the above steps could assist you in using applications operating system misjudges to be unsafe. If the applications are still causing you issues, it would better to get in touch with Kaspersky Support Number Australia 1800-958-237. On further note, while the firewall might create some obstacles, it also hampers tools of malicious intent from entering your system. Therefore, it would be better for you to use only the trusted applications for your windows.

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